Rhonda - Unite for HER  I found Kerry Ann through the Unite For Her program (breast cancer support).  I choose to use a lot of my "passport" for oncology massage.  What a true gift this was!  Kerry Ann talks to me before every session to address my concerns. That guides her knowledge and intuition to choose the right approach for meeting my needs.  I had mastectomy with sentinel lymph node removal.  I was seeking relief of the pain and swelling of surgery.  As time went on, my discomfort was different, and her approach changed.  She said we acknowledge that I AM different each time we meet. No matter my concerns; pain, fatigue, return to work, etc, she always knows how to bring me relaxation, relief and true nourishment.  She'd got a great set up called the Body Cushion that goes on top of the massage table.  It has a way of supporting with no pressure on my breasts! while she works on my back! so comfortable rather than laying flat on a table or a bunch of pillows.   Kerry Ann is full of knowledge and a true healer.  I am so grateful for the blessing to see her on a regular basis through Unite for HER passport. I see myself continuing with Kerry Ann after the passport is over.  

Tracey - Unite for HER   I found Kerry Ann in 2016, through Unite for HER, breast cancer support organization. She has hands of gold!  I've been seeing her for massage every month or two since my first Breast Cancer diagnosis.  In 2016 I had a double mastectomy with a total axillary lymph node dissection. In 2018, was diagnosed with metastatic and more treatments.

To start each visit she asks questions about any aches & pains, not only related to my cancer and surgeries.   She uses a cushion on top of the massage table which makes lying on my belly very comfortable while getting my back massaged. She educated me on why my surgery and radiation treatments have made it Not Safe for me to get the deep tissue back massage that I am used to.  Yet, with gentle, thoughtful touch I've had excellent relief of pain and swelling from surgery, the discomforts of radiation. She's not over chatty, shares observations after the massage.  Has given me suggestions or referral if she thinks something is not feeling normal.  I always feel that she is honestly concerned for my health and well-being! 

Always great music, the bed is warm and cozy.  But she goes beyond what most massage therapists do - every time I see her she does something wonderful to make the massage extra special.  I especially love the warm stones and warmed socks for my freezing feet, or giving me a choice of light essential oils to scent the air.   I always look forward to my next visit!

Jeanne: I was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2008, had surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation. I was 50, had four sons in their teens and aging, ailing parents. I had a ton of stress and I was aware that my body was suffering from stress and anxiety. Because there was no determining factor for my cancer I decided I must take better care of myself, and committed to getting therapeutic massage on a regular basis. A client at Antoinette Day Spa, I asked for the best and met Kerry Ann.  She has a gentle, caring and holistic nature which is quite soothing and comforting.  A non-judgmental way of asking questions to listen to my issues both physical and emotional. All of these things are a perfect fit for me. We have worked together for 10 years and she is always professional, responsible, communicative and reliable. I could go on but suffice to say she'll always be on my team - and anyone would be fortunate to have such a trusted therapist on their health team.

Heather: I sought out treatment originally to help alleviate chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease. A young mother with two small children I was so desperate to be pain free that I scheduled spinal fusion surgery.  At the last minute, I opted out to try alternative treatments-one of them being massage therapy.  This was the best decision I could have made.  For ten years I've seen Kerry Ann every other week and can honestly say that I consistently receive more pain relief from her than any of the drugs, acupuncture and countless physical therapists combined. Experiencing less pain allows me to be more active, tolerate exercises to strengthen my back. Over the years she's educated me about my body and given me specific, meaningful suggestions for care in between massages.  Now, my kids are in the teen years, my aging parent needs me more than ever. My regular massage gives me the quality of stress relief to cope well.  She cares about my mental & my physical well being – Mind, Body and Spirit!  She is dedicated to her profession and is simply the best! 

Kim and Jim Krause:  "I've been to several massage therapists but Kerry Ann is the best.  My husband and I have been seeing Kerry monthly for about two years now. She is thoughtful in her approach, always making sure she understands our individual concerns so she can tailor the massage treatment. She creates a very calm and relaxing atmosphere utilizing aromatherapy, heat, and my favorite, when a few hot stones are used. Jim back problem has benefit of her "Body Cushion System".  She is frequently able to pinpoint problem areas that I didn’t even realize were problem areas. She also provides information and education, which have been helpful to avoid aggravating certain problems and injuries. A great asset in our quest for wellness."

Cheryl: I have known and used Kerry Ann for my massage therapy for more than 20 years on a bi-weekly basis.  I started massage therapy to alleviate continuous back pain.  Throughout the years my back pain has not only greatly improved but for the most part has ceased.  Over the years she's been a reliable source for my well being. Referring me to medical providers for issues with my foot, back and neck that I did not even perceive. She shares her new techniques from classes she attends. She will continue to be an essential part of my healthy regimen. I am happy to recommend her as part of any individual’s healthy well being formula.