Fees & Services

Fees for Services

Acceptable payments: checks or cash. No credit cards or spa programs.

                     Restorative   Reflexology    Oncology    Perinatal

30 min.          $ 50                 $ 40                 $ 40              -

45 min.          $ 65                 $ 55                 $ 55             $ 65  

60 min.          $ 85                 $ 75                 $ 75             $ 85  

75 min.          $100                  -                     $ 90             $100    

90 min.          $115                  -                     $105

105 min.        $135                  -                          -

120 min.         $155                 -                          - 

Time listed is service time on massage table.   

An additional 15 minutes is allowed for your consultation, changing clothes, payment and scheduling. 

For an exquisite treat or gift certificate add-on, schedule nap time/rest time to follow the treatment:

10-minute nap time: $5         20-minute nap time: $10

Restorative Massage

Experience a massage treatment that has evolved from years studying human science and a variety of massage techniques. Discover how a good consultation provides direction for your truly customized massage. The massage is a quiet process, a conversation between hands and body that reveals the consequences of old injuries, repetitive tasks, poor posture habits and more. 

A sequence of predominantly Swedish massage also draws on reflexology and acupressure techniques on the nerve-rich areas of head, feet and hands, balanced with soft, slow, and sedating techniques.   


Reflexology posits that every part of the human body is 'mapped' onto your feet and hands. Reflexology treatments have been found to be highly effective for conditions such as allergies, headaches, and depression.Pressure is applied to the reflex points/zones without the use of lotion. Client remains clothed for reflexology.  

Available in 30, 45 and 60-minute sessions.   

Oncology Massage / Unite for HER

People with cancer need a high level of attentiveness from a specially trained massage therapist for a safe experience. Kerry Ann has over 40 hours of advanced oncology massage training. Training in massage protocols for immediate and long-term modifications during active treatment, recovery, and survivorship.  Modifications honor: surgical areas, varied stages of healing, removal of lymph nodes, ports, radiated areas, chemotherapy changes, expanders, implants, etc.  

Two keystones of oncology massage: proper positioning and light touch pressure. Kerry Ann offers comfortable positioning using the unique 'Body Cushion System.'

Kerry Ann is an approved provider for women using the Unite for HER passport program. 

Clients using the Unite for HER passport do not pay any fees to the therapist.  

Perinatal Massage

Across centuries and cultures, women have used massage as a traditional part of perinatal care. Massage delightfully and effectively addresses some of the structural and hormonal changes of pregnancy and birthing.

Prenatal massage is a massage for two!  Ease common discomforts associated with healthy pregnancy; achy low back and hips, sciatica, swelling, anxiety. Pressure is modified to honor hormonal changes. 

Postpartum massage relieves fatigue, supports healing and hormone balancing. Techniques address the the muscle aches that come with caring for your loved one.  

Kerry Ann uses the 'Body Cushion System' to provide safe, effective positioning for a very comfortable massage experience. The adjustable system accommodates growing baby, and growing breasts. It's ideal for moms who are breastfeeding.

Geriatric Massage

(see prices for Restorative Massage above)

Geriatric massage is designed to meet the needs of the elderly body, mind and spirit. The robust and healthy elder can make an office appointment. The Downingtown office has NO stairs; the Wayne office is on the 2nd floor.     

Massage eases muscle and joint pain and reduces stress, which often increases in old age. A good consultation and health inquiry is essential to select proper massage positioning and techniques for safe massage.

House Call Service is available for the frail or house-bound elderly, the medically fragile, or for hospice patients. To arrange a phone consultation use request appointment page.