About Kerry Ann

Restorative Massage Therapy  with  Science  *  Spirit  *  Service

The quality of your massage experience is a reflection of her past careers as well as her studies.  A Bachelor of Science in Health Education and Physical Education from Lock Haven University offered the first study of massage during a semester of Athletic Training. 

Served as an Aquatic Professional for 14 years; in the YMCAs, and then the Melmark School for special populations.  She found  water was a wonderful medium to serve all ages - from babies to teens to grannies; and all abilities - from aquatic therapy to fitness to competition.  As a sports coach of many years, she has a unique ability to analyze the body with the eye of a coach.   As a lifelong sports enthusiast, she is sensitive to the aches and pains of an active lifestyle and an aging body. 

Several years of teaching  'Introduction to Pathology for Massage Therapists,' has given her the unique expertise needed to provide safe, effective massage therapy for people with cancer, geriatric, or medically involved clients.  Over 20 years of advanced massage therapy education has allowed Kerry Ann to obtain Board Certification, the highest voluntary credential available in the profession. 

Before having her own business, she served for 20 years as Senior Massage Therapist and Department Manager at the Main Line's award-winning Antoinette Day Spa in Paoli. 

Kerry Ann is your decisive resource for coping with the aches, pains and stresses of life.  From the healthy and robust to those challenged with chronic or acute conditions, her skills will meet your needs.  She will enhance the effectiveness of your massage by advising on the proper uses of ice, heat, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and other self-care topics.  She can provide tips and advice on proper body mechanics and good ergonomics for your activities of daily living.

Kerry Ann's philosophy will be evident when you experience her massage services:

"Each client will be served in a gracious manner, and enjoy an experience that yields the blessings of vibrant health, comfortable longevity, and feelings of emotional & spiritual harmony."